Who is Richonna Storm?
Born and raised in Boston, Massachsettes, daughter of Richard Dennis and Rosalyn Johnson, Richonna Storm Dennis grew up close to her siblings Rayya, Kiya, Richard and Nia. She was the middle creatice child, exploring her creativity from a young age with the help of her mother, putting her into various art and fashion programs as well as Dennis' maternal and paternal grandmothers , Katie and Francis, who helped with her sewing skills.

Richonna particiipated in the M.E.T.C.O program which bused inner city youth to suburban schools with the purpose of diversification. The education she recieved from the Wellelsey, MA public school system in conjuction with the love and care from the faculty and students would help develp Dennis as. person and focus on her goals as an artist under the guidence of her high school art teachers, Dr. Bob Callahan, Mrs Jill Callahan and photography teacher, Doug Johnson as well as mentor/school mom, M.E.T.C.O. coordinator, Debrah Ward.

In 2005, Dennis moved to Brooklyn, NY to  attend the prestigous, Pratt Instutute.  Dennis majored in Fashion Design and during her time there solidified her passion for fashion as she was conflicted with being a childens book illustrator. There she met her "Pratt Parents" designer Adrienne Jones  her professor in sophmore year and designer, the late Christopher Hunte , her senior thesis professor who became her mentors and would greatly influence her fashion career in the years to come. Dennis graduated from Pratt in 2009. Even though Married2Art had been in the works for sometime, it would officially became a business in 2013 after Richonna faced many struggles in her personal and professional life. Through facing the trials and tribulations it had became apparent she should only be doing what she loves most, CREATING ART!

Dennis went back to school in 2013 attending an accelerated Masters program at Lasell College. Dennis majored in business management with a concetration of Marketing, graduating with a MSM in 2014. Throughout the years Dennis would take part in art and fashion shows, many of which were self produced/curated. ​She a workaholic, who is driven by success. She is a fun loving extremest and is also very family oriented and close to her friends.

She dedicates her art and fashion works to her close friend, Destiny Evans and Pratt Father, Christopher Hunte, who both passed away from cancer.